Export-specific combined traffic signal light

Export-specific combined traffic signal light

What is a combined traffic signal? The combined traffic signal light means that the above is a 300mm traffic signal light. Below is a 200mm traffic signal light. The upper part is red, the middle is yellow, and the bottom is green. This is a product that continues from abroad. Its shell size is different. In our country, there is no such combination. Domestic or shell, there is no combination of two, and there are many such in foreign countries.

The combination of this kind of traffic signal light originated from the United States traffic signal company, and then the United States extended to the surrounding countries is the United States, European countries, and then to Australia, Australia after the installation Slowly extending to some African countries, Southeast Asian countries, and other Japanese countries, South Korea, etc., there are many, this kind of combined traffic lights, when we go abroad to play or study, it is often seen A kind of traffic signal, that is, the way of a little larger traffic light below.

What are the benefits of this combination traffic light? The combination of traffic lights is mainly red, why is the meaning of red? Because red is the meaning of a safe color, why can it make this red bigger? It is to tell everyone to pay attention to safety bans. When you are in red, you must not go to the red light. So, safety, the first is the concept of foreign countries. Foreign countries have always stressed that 呃, human safety, life safety, then at the crossroads of traffic, if It’s a red light. Everyone must pay attention to safety. It must be banned. It’s a foreign country. It’s a lot of countries. It’s still good. If you add this traffic light, it’s a bit more special. some.

Are there any other display methods for combined traffic lights? There are many ways to display the combined traffic lights, not just the display of the disc, not just the disc traffic lights, but also many ways, such as arrows, traffic lights, such as countdown countdown countdown, traffic lights, etc. Etc., there are many ways to display it, so in this combination, it can also be combined into different shells, which can also be combined into different states.

Nowadays, this kind of combined traffic signal, we have done a lot in Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, etc. The Philippines is equipped with a lot of equipment, so now it is relatively simple, because we have opened professional molds. To do this product, so professional people do professional things, carefully do each product, and do everything in detail.

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