installation the solar temporary traffic lights in shenzhen PingShan

Shenzhen Pingshan New Property Muyun Valley installed solar temporary traffic lights

This year, Shenzhen installed a lot of temporary traffic lights. We talked about it for a while, installed

the entire president, all the temporary traffic lights in the town, solar mobile traffic lights, now installed

two new places. The first is the new property of Pingshan. It is called Muyun Valley, and another place

is located in Xixiang, Baoan. New solar temporary traffic lights are also installed.

Let us first talk about this solar temporary traffic light in Pingshan New District. This solar temporary

traffic light is a relatively large traffic light. Its base is relatively large. It is a base of 950 or 950. Then

this base is a comparison. Strong, we call it the big bottom box, temporary traffic lights
This kind of solar temporary traffic light is also called the luxury version of the solar temporary traffic

light. Why do you say that? Because it has two solar panels, we have now simplified it to only need one

solar panel, but now he still needs two guests, so we are very happy to use this kind of thing to install

without problems, because solar energy Temporary traffic lights, solar mobile traffic lights, the bigger

your solar panel, the better its charging performance, so the better the time, so this is called the luxury

version of the solar mobile traffic lights

The second deluxe version means that its traffic signal is a traffic light with 4 components. The advantage

of this thing is that the sense of direction corresponding to each group of the traffic lights can be clearly

indicated. The angle method, for example, this intersection is not a real square intersection, it has a slight

direction, so this time you can fine-tune a traffic light of the solar mobile traffic light, it can adjust a new

direction. Aligning with the corresponding intersection, we think it is more convenient to see a situation of

this traffic light.

Shenzhen temporary traffic lights, Shenzhen mobile traffic lights, Shenzhen solar mobile traffic lights, which

installation? Which one can be installed at home? The answer tells you that Shenzhen Wide Way Optoelectronics

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