non-motor vehicles 300mm led bicycle traffic lights

First, the introduction of bicycle traffic lights:

Bicycle traffic lights are a small part of the entire traffic signal. The shipments of our factory are not too

much, because the bicycle traffic lights are mainly for non-motor vehicles, so in general, This traffic signal

is not installed on the traffic road.

Second, what are the specifications for led bicycle traffic lights?

Bicycle traffic lights are available in three sizes. These three specifications mainly refer to one of its dimensions.

Then it means that the illumination is specified as 200mm, that is, it becomes a 200mm bicycle traffic signal light.

The second type is 300mm, which is 300mm bicycle traffic signal. The fourth type is 400mm, which is a 400mm

bicycle traffic signal.

At present, the most in the market is the middle one, which is also a 300mm bicycle traffic signal light. It mainly

has three display modes. The first one is a red bicycle, the yellow bicycle in the middle position, and the third one

is green, at the bottom. How does the bicycle display in accordance with the status of the traffic lights?

Third, the characteristics of led bicycle traffic lights:

  1. Bicycle traffic lights are used for traffic control of non-motor vehicles when non-motor vehicle lanes.
  2. Bicycle traffic lights are represented by bicycle symbols, which are more intuitive and eye-catching.

3, bicycle traffic signal lamp life of more than 10 years, anti-vibration, anti-wind pressure > 145km / h.

  1. Bicycle traffic signal products are tested by the Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision Center of the Ministry
  2. of Public Security and meet the requirements of the People’s Republic of China GB14887-2011.
  3. Bicycle traffic lights are certified by CE, TUV and EN12368.

6, bicycle traffic signal double seal, shell protection.

Fourth, where is the Shenzhen led bicycle traffic signal light manufacturer?

Shenzhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bicycle traffic lights. The traffic lights

produced by our company are all produced by automated machinery.

We have been doing traffic lights for about 17 years, and in the middle of the 17 years, from the beginning of the and

technology portfolio, sales mix, to the current technology research and development team, sales team, and engineering

design team, have their own The fully automated production equipment production machine has its own large-scale

factory building. These people have their own national high-tech enterprises, and they have the contract and trustworthy

enterprise issued by the national Shenzhen. The company has always been competing for the industry. Going to work, I

believe that the future can be done better,


 In addition to led bicycle traffic lights, Shenzhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

also produces other traffic lights:

1.Motorized traffic lights

2, arrow traffic lights

3, integrated signal light

4, intelligent traffic signals, etc.

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