Pakistan’s traffic light PCB board has been shipped out!

Pakistan’s traffic light PCB board has been shipped out!
The traffic light board that we sent to Pakistan this time is a countdown light board. It is displayed in red double eight countdown,
then green double eight countdown, then the whole disc signal light shows yellow, which is inside it. There are three states that
can work separately, this is the most common, most core countdown traffic light board.
Second, Pakistan’s countdown traffic light board introduction:
First of all, let’s introduce the number of led traffic light beads for this batch of traffic signal light board: the number of red countdown
LEDs is 88, the number of green countdown LEDs is also 88, then the yellow is 134, yellow bright Time is a disc, the entire disc
is bright
3. What kind of driving method is used in Pakistan’s countdown traffic signal light board?
The driving method of the countdown traffic light board in Pakistan is learning type. What is the learning type countdown driving
 Simply put, it is a traffic signal light. Set the time according to the mode of the entire intersection. Of course, this set time refers to the
entire traffic signal, set the time, and then set the time for the pedestrian traffic signal. Good time, after running for two cycles, this
countdown traffic light board starts working. This is the principle of learning type countdown.
Now Pakistan is a country that is just beginning to build infrastructure in these countries, so the construction of the Belt and Road
is also bringing us very good dividends. We are doing a lot of traffic to Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc. traffic Signal lights, with
accessories for export, but also for the entire group of the traffic lights, although the unit price will not be too high, but the amount is
relatively large, because for their country is just beginning to build, so many things are not so high, then We are also very good at
digesting our production capacity.
Fourth, Pakistan’s countdown timer traffic light PCB board aging test:
Please take a look at some of the aging tests we have done.
In addition to the countdown timer traffic light PCB board, we also produces other traffic lights:
1. Motorized traffic lights
2. Direction traffic lights

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