Traffic signal lampwick or traffic light lampwick

Traffic signal lampwick or traffic light lampwick

Traffic signal lampwick, this is a very old thing, the earliest installed traffic lights

are composed of signal light

shell and signal light lampwick.
With the development of the city, the widening of the road, the increase of traffic flow, the signal lights in some

places will not be suitable for the modern trend of the road, this time there will be some replacement, some cities

may save the signal to save money, he may The wick carries out some upgrade style changes, and the difference

in the display part inside, he will also replace it, and some, it may take a long time for the signal light, and some

bad, especially the traffic light green LED wick, because it will age after a long time, then this green light will have

some light, traffic lights are a project facade, everyone is watching the traffic lights forward, if you see traffic lights

everywhere At this time, everyone thought that this was a bean curd project, so many city traffic lights have been

modified, and the simplest is to replace the traffic signal wick, because this can save a large part of human and

material resources. Therefore, a large number of people will choose to use the traffic signal wick to replace the

entire road.

What are the styles of traffic signal wicks? The most done is that according to the intersection, the traffic signal wick

has a disc wick, there are also arrow wicks, there will be some countdown wicks, and the quality of the products is

greatly improved, as long as you choose a genuine manufacturer, he It is basically no problem to update things done

in 3~5 years.
What is the latest trend of traffic signal wicks? Last year, there was a traffic light leakage accident in Nanshan, Shenzhen.

In July last year, Shenzhen rained heavily for several days, causing some traffic lights to leak, and there was a wounding

incident in the middle.

So how much voltage should the traffic light wick use? After a long period of research, our research institute in Shenzhen

decided to upgrade the signal signal of Shenzhen to a 48-volt signal. Then the traffic signal wick became 48V. In fact, it is

correct to think that this is the same, 48V, although it exceeds the human body’s high voltage. The voltage is 36V, because

its voltage is not too high, it will not cause too much damage to the human body and will not hurt people. This is why I think

that making the wick 48V is also the future trend. This is also very good.
Should the traffic signal wick be waterproof? This question is very important. When the workers were installed, I actually

went to the site to install the traffic lights many times. Some workers are regardless of yours, or the overall quality of the

workers is different. Some workers will install this product very carefully. Ok, and some construction workers just need to

install this product, then how should the traffic light wick be waterproof?

First of all, the first traffic light should have a waterproof apron, which is the most basic

The second traffic light board and the lamp housing apron have a degree of adhesion. It is best to put a waterproof glue in 4

weeks. In this case, the overall waterproof effect of the traffic signal will be much better.
Traffic lights wicks seem simple, but to really do it, it is not so easy. First of all, traffic lights have a lot of resistance, current

and a variety of lamp beads to do, our company is doing this traffic signal wick At that time, there is a very big advantage, that

is, all our in-line resistors are used. The American AI machine is used. Our traffic lights are all machine-made. Second, all the

traffic lights of our company are all wicks. Is the fluid method to work, what is the fluid operation? That is, the entire operation

process is all integrated pipeline operation. First, our resistors use in-line resistors, because the in-line resistors are slightly very

larger than the chip resistors, and the stability is slightly stronger. Some, from the perspective of life, it is much better than the

chip resistor. Our process is all driven by AI machine, and the resistor is also driven by AI machine. After the LED light bulb is

finished, the wave soldering method is used. After the operation is completed, it will be washed by the ultrasonic washer, and then

the surface of the board will be cleaned by the track furnace. Then, with the automatic coating machine, the entire back of the traffic

signal wick is brushed with three anti-paint, the whole operation is completed in one go.

Therefore, the production volume of our traffic signal wick is very large, but after all the traffic signal wicks are integrated, the whole

effect is much better. Therefore, the traffic light wick and the green light should be done well. This is also after many years of my work.

Work hard to carry out in-depth reform of this product.
Now we are very high in the output and quality of the traffic light wicks of Weimei, and I am quite satisfied with the quality of our traffic

signal wicks and the whole product. It is a good product to get out, so I hope everyone will come. A lot of communication, peers can

also communicate with me a lot, customers can also communicate more, hope to make good products, make a good traffic light wick.

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