What are the benefits of installing a cart portable traffic light?

What are the benefits of installing a cart portable traffic light?

First, what is the cart portable traffic light?

The cart portable traffic light is mainly used for traffic roads. It is a mobile solar emergency traffic light

with solar power. The light source is made of high-quality LED energy-saving light source. It is suitable

for intersections without cable connection, that is, no need to break or overhead lines. The installation

is very simple, saving time, labor and cost, easy maintenance, emergency command vehicles and the

pedestrians in case of power failure or maintenance of traffic lights; its mobility is very strong, and can

be arbitrarily moved signal lights, placed in various emergency needs intersections.

Second, what are the benefits of installing cart portable traffic light?

This kind of the cart portable traffic light has three advantages. The first one, his angle can be adjusted.

Because this cart is a traffic light, it is a combination of a group of traffic lights. It is supported by a bracket

to support it. The angle of the bracket can be adjusted arbitrarily. For example, the intersection is irregular.

It is possible to adjust the angle of the traffic light to align the direction of the corresponding car, so it can be

angled, which is not necessarily To be squared, it can be adapted to some oblique angles.

  1. How long can the solar panels of the cart portable traffic light be used?

The advantage of the second point of this cart portable traffic light is that it is always full of electricity, because

the traffic light uses two solar panels of 80 watts, so the total solar panel power is 160 watts. In Shenzhen, the

weather is basically full of light. So he used 60 watts. So now I use 160 watts of solar panels, so when he is built,

you never have to worry. He will have no electricity at night, there will be no electricity in the rainy days, or there

will be no electricity in the winter, it will not appear, then in this case the battery will always have electricity, so it

will take a long time, in general There is no problem with using three or five years, so the real temporary traffic

lights do this very carefully.

  1. How big is the cart for the traffic lights?

The advantage of the 3rd point of the cart traffic light is that its base is relatively large, and the base is relatively large,

which means that its size is 1 meter 1 × 1 meter 1 outsole phase, because it uses 4 groups of traffic lights on it. And

there must be two pieces of solar energy to make the base underneath it must be very large, then this time it can match

the upper and lower thick, it can be very strong, then no matter how much wind you blow, how much rain, he Are without

any problems

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