What is the difference between plastic traffic lights and aluminum traffic lights?

1. What is the difference between plastic traffic lights and aluminum traffic lights?

Plastic traffic lights and aluminum shell traffic lights, the biggest difference between them, different materials, plastic traffic lights
are made of PC material, the shell shell is made into a mold, and then through the large tonnage of the mold, plastic injection
molding, and aluminum Shell, traffic signal is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material through the mold stroke, its workmanship
process is different

Second, the production process of plastic traffic lights:

 Plastic traffic lights, the degree of sophistication, is more refined than the aluminum case traffic lights, because the plastic mold is
molded by one-time die-casting, it will not change, and all his things are related to the mold. Mold molding will be very beautiful,
plastic molding itself is already a very mature process, so plastic traffic lights, his shell will be very beautiful, especially using PC
once, it is very beautiful, plastic is also very good. The black part, the white PC transparent part is also very delicate, many quality
products are made by plastic injection molding.
 The waterproofs of the plastic traffic light is better than that of the aluminum traffic light. The plastic traffic light, his details can be
compensated by the design, so he can design the tightness very well, so the plastic Waterproofing of traffic lights is better

Third, the production process of aluminum shell traffic lights:

 Aluminum shell traffic signal light, he is relatively strong, aluminum shell traffic signal, because it is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy,
so its overall metal composition is relatively high, its solidity is relatively high, you hit a little, he is the most concave A hole, recessed
into some will not say that there is a whole process of cracking, and plastic traffic lights may be you hitting or careless, ah, gravity
tapping may form a hole, directly broken, so The traffic light of the aluminum shell is much better than the plastic traffic light. The traffic
light of the aluminum shell and its outer casing material determine that he can be more affected by hot and cold, and there will be no
Too many questions. And plastic traffic lights are better than aluminum shells in this respect.
 Let’s take a look. The left side is the outer shell of the aluminum shell, and the right side is the plastic outer shell. Everyone can have
more views on the two products. We can also learn from each other. I hope that there are more good products that can be given to
everyone. Bring better benefits and hope to add a new strength to the public sector.

Fourth, where are the traffic signal manufacturers looking for?

We came to Mao Zedong to push it. Our Shenzhen Wide way Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a traffic signal factory that has
been doing traffic for 11 years. The company has been working hard all these years and has worked hard to do its own business. Do
not cross-line, do a good job of traffic signal traffic instructions, products, these years, the company’s business backbone and technical
backbone has been carefully cooperating, and strive to create analysis cases, combined with customer service customers to strive to
do a fine differentiation of each product after-sales service, the company small Enterprises have been working hard to buy the United
States to buy fully automatic plug-in machines, buy high and low temperature testers, fully automatic production lines, and strive to
create the best, Shenzhen traffic signal manufacturers, so whether it is aluminum shell traffic lights or plastic traffic lights, We all spent
a lot of hard work, did a lot of work, and then used a lot of machinery and equipment to ensure the quality of the perfect use of a very
good quality management system, to manage the company up and down, work together, a very young Team is very much The team of
love, so I hope that more friends can consult our company’s traffic lights. Our company will continue to do a good job in the company’s
test reports of traffic lights over the years, and made a test report of the signal. The inspection report of the highway display has been
working hard all the time, and it is Shenzhen’s contract and keeping promises. The enterprise is also a national high-tech enterprise,
hoping to have more opportunities to serve more public services and more Friends, serve more customers, thank you!

In addition to the aluminum case traffic lights, shenzhen wide way also produces other traffic lights:
1, 125mm red yellow green traffic lights
2, 125mm teaching traffic lights
3, 125mm pedestrian traffic lights
4, 300mm pedestrian traffic light with timer

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